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Cabinetry Projects & Resources
Natural Finish Cherry Shaker Doors

Natural finish Cherry Shaker Doors

This is a small kitchen with natural finish cherry Shaker doors. Access to the contents of the pullout pantry is pretty easy. It is even easier when the pantry is not against the wall. The TV is mounted above the refrigerator behind hideaway doors that slide back into the cabinet.

Custom Sycamore Table

Sycamore Table

The sycamore table was made all out of one tree. The base (legs) will be applied once all the coats of finish are dry. I will post a picture of the finished product when it is ready to deliver just before Christmas.

Cherry Mantel with Enkeboll Carvings and Fluted Columns

Cherry Mantel with Enkeboll Carvings and Fluted Columns

So, you have heard about cobbler’s children not having any shoes right? Well cabinetmaker’s families have to wait a really long time to have cabinets installed in their own homes but when they finally arrive they are pretty amazing. This is a cherry mantel with Enkeboll carvings and fluted columns. The entertainment center is made from an ecologically sustainable wood called lyptus. The inserts in the doors are all black speaker cloth over frames to hide the speakers and the equipment. There are LED uplights behind the crown and LED downlights under each shelf so these cabinets look great during the day and at night.